A Family Tradition of Quality Woodworking Since 1921


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You can count on repair and restoration techniques acquired and refined for more than 90 years by master artisans.
We combine traditional techniques with the latest technologies and tools to ensure the best possible results.


Phil with a new restoration

In our spare time, we have plenty of
other things to do...

Upholstery books
Thousands of fabrics to choose from

Just a few tools....

Gavel handmade for
our favorite judge

Joe Termini
with restored furniture

Our friend Tony Scopin
upholstering a chair

Phil Termini
with restored propeller

Phil with miniature wood desk
made by Grandpa Ben
No job is too small...

Wood decoy made by Phil.
No scrap wood goes to waste!

Look who's sitting pretty
on this chair... before the customer
had a chance to sit on it!

Reupholstered sofa

Reupholstered cushions
Shelf corner unit (for cookbooks)
made and added to client's kitchen cabinetry - made by Tom Termini

Sometimes we need to
make a new part


Table - Before

Table - After

Upholstered sofa

Reupholstering a sofa in leather -
all that button tufting!

Table with inlay

Table renovation

Two restored mid-century
modern Thonet chairs

Birdcage made for the singing bird
for local high school play

Music sheet cabinet
(artwork by Nancy Still;
painted in acrylic to depict
original design)

Upholstered chair


Upholstered chairs

Upholstered chair

Mirrored dresser

Upholstered chair

Upholstered chair

Upholstered chair

Upholstered chair

Upholstered sofa

Upholstered sofa

Upholstered chair

Chair from the U.S. Captiol
restored by Joe Termini

Dresser during restoration

Oliver lathe...love it!

Chair repair

Chair repair

Chair repair

Wood turning repair

Chair repair

Chair repair

Chair repair

Chair - Before
We get a lot of these after
New Year's...

Chair - After
Ready for another party

Door from antique
desk repair

Restored chair & sideboard

Lamp repair

Sofa renovation

Handmade church chairs
for the Chapel at Knollwood Military
Retirement Residence, Washington, DC

Handmade church chairs

We'll tackle any job,
even this scarey mess

Dresser during restoration

Sewing table

Proper way to repair a
worn out chair joint.
Step 1. original piece

Step 2. chair joint repair

Step 2. chair joint repair
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